Thursday, 9 August 2018

Angels watching over me

For a long time I have been coming up with my own designs, but never really thought they were good enough. 
Yesterday I posted a picture of some angel wings I had designed and the response amazed me and encouraged me to keep going. 
Thank you to all you creative people out there who boost each other and help us to feel like what we do is worth it x x
It is down to those people and their kind words that got me to share this pattern. 
Use it to remember those you have lost, or spread love to someone in need x
(Please give credit to myself for the pattern when you share pictures of your work, thank you)

I've always been reminded of those we've loved and lost when I see a white feather floating down, it's comforting to think they are watching over us. This inspired me to come up with this angel wings pattern.

I used Stylcraft special dk and a 3.5mm hook, uk terms

Begin by making a ch of 17
  1. dc in second ch from hook and then to the end, ch1, turn
  2. dc in next 16st, then work 1dc into the side of the row, ch1, turn
  3. dc in next 15st , ch1, turn
  4. dc in next 14st, 2dc in next st,1dc on the side, ch1, turn
  5. dc in the next 15st
  6. dc in next 14st, 2dc in next st continue along the side, 2dc, 2xdc, 2dc, then work 6dc along the opposite edge, ch1, turn
  7. dc in next 7st, 2dc in next 2st, dc in next 3st, 2dc in next st, dc in next 12st, ch1, turn
  8. dc in next 13st, 2dc in next st, dc in next 5st, 2dc in next st, dc in next 6st, finish
Repeat for the 2nd wing.
If you want to make the hanging decoration, place the two wings together and rejoin the yarn through both wing in the 2nd st from the end of the last 6dd. 
Work 5dc through both wings ch20 the join at the top of the 5dc with a slst, finish.

Please feel free to pop by my Facebook page and share your wings with me.
Much love
Katie x x 


  1. Beautiful. I have two close friends who have lost their mothers recently & these would make a great gift for them. Thank you for sharing

  2. Thanks very much for sharing your pattern. They're lovely.

  3. My dear new friend:
    I lost my only sister,Good Friday April 14,2017. She loved angels,I will make these in her honor! thank you for sharing this beautiful, pattern

  4. These are Beautiful,I want to make them and put them on my Christmas Tree.I love anything Angels,Thank You

  5. Thank you so much for sharing. A sweet friend recently lost her angel (just one day old). She was in the process of deciding which afghan she wanted me to make for her. These beautiful wings will be the perfect touch.

  6. Hello you pattern is amazing but could you please tell me what 2xdc means

  7. gracias por tu generosidad al compartir, es un don hacer cosas lindas.

  8. Hello thank you for this pattern it's just lovely. I keep getting stuck unfortunately as I'm a new to crochet. Would you be willing to make a youtube video of how to make this because I just love them? Kindest regards Nicole x

  9. Hello, I am thrilled to finally find a pattern that looks like my idea of angel wings. Thanks so much for sharing your inspiration and talent!

  10. Thank you for this pattern. Going to make it for my friend, my sister and myself! Peace and blessings to you and everyone on this page!

  11. Thank you for this pattern. Going to make it for my friend, my sister and myself! Peace and blessings to you and everyone on this page!

  12. Am anxious to try these beautiful wings. Thank you so much, Hun!!❤️🙋🏻❤️

  13. I would like to know what 2xdc means also. Doesn't appear that Kathryn is replying to questions, on here, at least. I do love the pattern.

    1. I have just started working on this pattern. 2xdc means 2 DC in the same stitch.
      Hopefully you can help me you know what she means by "then work 1dc into the side of the row"? What side lol?

  14. Thank you for your pattern, just completed my first set.Love it.